Football Contest; How the game is played

Each week pick the winner of each game listed in the advertising and write your answers in the spaces provided in the form.

Then look at games 1, 5 and 7. For each of these games figure out the combined score and write that in the space provided. As an example if you think Marlin will score 17 points and Leon was going to score 14 points then the combined score is 31.

Part one of the game is weekly winners. Each week, the best picker wins the $30.00; second best wins the $15.00. Should both players pick the same number of winners, then it goes to the tie breaker score, game 1. The closest to the actual combined score is declared the winner for the week. Should both players guess the same for game 1, we go to game 3 and so on. I have never seen it go to the game 7, but it can and should it happen, both are declared winners and awarded the first place prize of $30.00 and there is no second place that week.


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