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Then again, I could be wrong.

Lying has never been easier

Having read a very lengthy post on social media this week regarding online reviews, it hit me with some clarity, lying has never been easier.

I want to debunk the “5-Star” rating system that the internet and it’s users have become all to familiar with, lets face it, never before has the phrase “check your source” been more important.

After reading this post, I decided to do a little random research. I took five different businesses and read their “online reviews” and decided to pick up the phone to talk with these business owners. I will not go through all five phone calls but I will share with you the rabbit hole one of the calls took me down.

So let’s call this company X and the review that was a 1 Star review read like this: “This is the worst company ever. They steal from their customers everyday with bad products and billing practices that only the government would use.”

The company had 54 reviews, 43 were 5 Star reviews. This lone 1 Star review really stood out to me so I called the company. When I got the owner on the phone, Bill was his name, I asked about this one review that had driven his Google ranking down. “That was a disgruntled employee that we fired for stealing from the cash register, he worked here two days” was the reply.



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