Then again, I could be wrong.

By Dennis Phillips

Men are animals

I wonder how many women who read that headline have a smile on their faces right now. In fact we are all animals, but men are like a breed of dog. Still smiling? I only mean that we like things as they are, don’t move our food bowl.

This outrageous claim is that we as men get very set in our ways, prefer things as they are, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Ladies you know the mentality I speak of but if you have a man that will try eggplant or eat all his vegetables, congratulations, I’m not one of those.

I don’t sniff candles at the Bed, Bath and Beyond, I don’t shop, at all, if I can get away with it. I hate Walmart, though I’m pretty sure I’m not alone on that one, and as far as the grocery store is concerned, it’s why fast food drive-up was invented, to avoid a Kroger’s all together.


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