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Pieces of the past

I love history. As a child in school history was the first real subject that grabbed my full attention, from US History, World History and even Texas History. The great wars, the regime of kings and tyrants to the evolution of governments and the fall of the same.

I guess that is partly what drives me as a newspaper publisher. In 1983, I took a summer job at the Dripping Springs Dispatch. It didn’t pay as well as the feed store I worked at in the afternoons, but at the newspaper office I was using my brain, not my 15 year old brawn to lift feed sacks and bails of hay.

I was about the only person at the time in Dripping Springs that not only had a computer at home, but won the science fair with a bit of software I had written for cattle management. But this story is not about the evolution of computer technology, but of history.

The Dispatch needed a piece of software for their circulation, a way to manage all their subscribers, print labels each week. By today’s standards that is a simple enough task, but in 1983, it was a monumental break through for a small community newspaper that was using a punch press and little aluminum signature plates for every label. The process then took half a day or more, but the end of that summer it took just 30 minutes.



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