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Then again, I could be wrong.

Typos are just part of the newspaper game

Jay Leno made fun of them, people laugh when they see them and I have made a few doozies in my many years in this chair. I’m talking about headline typos and mistakes. It happens to the best of us, a one letter difference can make all the difference and spell check is not always your friend with these funny, but serious mistakes.

Today, a Palm Beach newspaper made a booboo, the head line read “No-Name Champion” above a photo of a golf tournament winner. I know what they were doing, I have done it a million times. The headline was a place holder, text that was used to fill in a blank spot on the page until the name could be gotten by the reporter. This is an old production trick that happens more in today’s newspapers then before the time of full page pagination.

The golfer was an unknown new guy on the circuit and the newspaper needed the name that obviously never came, but they are not alone.


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