City looks at trash proposals

City looks at trash proposals

The City of Franklin is taking a look at two proposals to hand off the trash services that are currently provided by the City itself. Currently, two-three city employees run trash routes, collecting the city garbage. The City of Franklin, attached to your water bill, charges residential homes $17.00 a month for this service.

To be clear, the proposal on the table at City Hall will not change the residential cost. What you pay today, you will pay after the new company takes the reins with the new service. Both companies have agreed to a 5-year rate freeze. That’s not saying the city can’t raise the rate, all that means is the trash companies that are offering bids to the city have agreed not to raise the rate to the city.

Here’s how it works. The City will continue to bill residential and business customers, though they will no longer have any responsibility for the service. The City collects the garbage rates from you and disperses the funds to the trash collection company less a percentage of the $17.00.



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