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General Washington (played by Joe Fauth, County Judge, Grimes Co.) in crossing the Delaware to catch the Brit’s unprepared. Washington’s “soldiers” were also a bit unprepared for the 200 pounds of ice that our teachers dumped into the pools and slide used to simulate the river!

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Now, everyone knows that Queen Anne of Denmark (12 December 1574–2 March 1619) was a sweet, slightly air-headed party girl … or was she?

The Friends & Strangers, the first of the Pilgrims to flee England, might disagree. Her husband, well “consort” is a better word, James the IV or maybe the I, depending on who he was being king of at the time, had deigned to accept a petition from William Bradford (played by Dwight Miller), one of the leaders of the Congregation, about permission to worship in a manner that, while respectful of the Church of England, was free to use the older Geneva Bible, a direct translation from the Greek and Aramaic, instead of the politically inspired “King James” version.

Unfortunately for the Friends & Strangers, James was called out of town the morning the petitioners arrived to hear their answer. Queen Anne, somewhat short of sleep and with the day’s social calendar in mind was drafted to answer Bradford. It was not, shall we say, a “fun time”.

Taxed arbitrarily, fined for not attending the C of E, bad-mouthed by said queen, Bradford took the congregation on a trip to Holland that ended up in North America as the Plymouth Colony.

There, this set of Protestant Socialists settled down, befriended the Indians, established our celebration of Thanksgiving, and contributed to the colonists’ attitudes about Liberty that would, some 150 years later, become the American Revolution.



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