Snakes in the Library

Yes, there were snakes in the Carnegie Library last Wednesday, July 27. Mr. Don Plitt of Brazos County Health Department came to visit and brought some of his slithering friends with him.

Mr. Plitt gave a presentation on snakes in Robertson County. There are many different species in our county, four of which are poisonous. We have rattlesnakes, moccasins, coral, and the most familiar is the copperhead.

Mr. Plitt emphasized to the standing room crowd of mostly kids and quite a few adults that if you come across one of these poisonous snakes to leave them alone, do not touch, and if you are a kid, go find an adult.

If you do happen to get bit by one of these snakes seek medical assistance immediately. Most of these snakebites are not fatal they can be debilitating. The venom affects your blood and destroys tissue.


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