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David White and Associates were at the Best of the Best Banquet with Paul, Kandice, David, Irma, Tony, Mindy, David and Tina all having a really good time.

Franklin well represented at banquet

If you haven’t already heard the Roberson County News and Franklin Advocate have this event each year where they run a ballot in the newspapers for four weeks and the citizens of Robertson County can vote on their Best restaurants, the Best boss, the Best dressed, Best foods whether it be chicken, Mexican, breakfast, dinner, Best plumber, educator, insurance company and the list goes on and on.

Once they have been filled they are dropped off at the newspaper office and then the tallying process begins.

Once the deadline has been made final and all the ballots have been turned in and counted the winners are notified.

While all that is going on, the other side to all of the craziness is the planning of the banquet with selecting the caterer, the decorations, collecting door prizes that business donate to make for an amazing silent auction and the selling of the tickets to the event and giving the winners a chance to thank the public for their support and votes.

This was the second year the Best of the Best has entertained the idea of a banquet and it has gone over really well. The fellowship and being able to support the other winners in the Best of the Best contest brings all business and individuals that have won with their families, friends, employees and co-workers together to celebrate.

Ama’s catered the venue for the night and the crowd was entertained with music by the Booger County Mafia, good food and good music, what more could you ask for?

This year Robertson County News and Franklin Advocate added a twist to the event by asking the youth from Grace United Methodist Church to come out and help serve. A few of the youth group members came out and did a great job. This summer the youth group has done selfless chores and projects around the City of Hearne to help make a difference.

Also, Mrs. Mary Aguirre celebrated her birthday with a cake presented to her by both newspapers to honor her special day.

The night was a success and we the, Robertson County News and the Franklin Advocate would like to congratulate all the winners and hope to see everyone again next year and who knows next time YOU may be the winner of the Best of the Best.

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