Harvey affects postal service in Robertson County

Franklin News Watch

So here is the plan Hurricane Harvey has affected the delivery of the newspaper. With the post office shut down, we cannot mail your subscription in our normal timely fashion.

In the back of my office is the postal bags filled with subscription newspapers and I will deliver these to the post office as soon as I’m allowed to do so by the post office. Yes, this will result in a delay in getting your newspaper and for some; you are now reading this after the delay.

While I understand this is an inconvenience, there are options for our subscribers.

First you can read the newspaper online. If you do not have an online account and you are a subscriber, email me at dennis@robconews.com and I will set you up. Use the subject line in the email: HELP! Set me up online. I will create you an account that will remain active until your subscription run out date.

The second option is come into the Robertson County News office and pick up a copy of your newspaper, free.

As a token of understanding we are going to extend all subscriptions by 2 weeks. We hope and we are under the impression that this postal hurricane will be fixed very soon so the delay should only be for this week. My fingers are crossed.

With that said, the inconvenience of this delay seems very minor in comparison to those in South Texas, specifically those in Houston. Our thoughts and prayers are with them and it is with pride I watch this great state and the people of Texas pull together to get victims rescued and the area restored.

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