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Special guests ready to hand out dictionaries to third graders.

New dictionaries presented to the third grade

Last Wednesday, the Robertson County Republican Women presented all third graders at Roland Reynolds Elementary with brand new dictionaries.

These were not your ordinary dictionaries with just words in them but were also full of many fun facts and trivia. If your third graders have been quoting all kinds of worldly facts and history trivia along with asking you how to spell the longest word, which has almost two thousand letters, this is why.

All the students seemed very excited about receiving these dictionaries, but the teachers were also thrilled. They were already planning to use them in their daily lesson planning.

These books will be used in vocabulary study, geography, history and even math. The students will have access to all kinds of information. They can read the Constitution and information on all of the Presidents.

Ask your third grader to show you their new prize possession and make sure they take good care of it. It will be an excellent research source for many years to come.

There were many special guests on hand to help hand out these dictionaries. Jo Miller, and Jayne Longley, members of the Robertson County Republican Women Organization, along with County Judge Charles Ellison, Precinct 3 Justice of the Peace Melanie Green, and Precinct 3 Constable Chris Sanders distributed the dictionaries to all third graders in Franklin.

The Robertson County Republican Women will also be giving out dictionaries to other third graders in the County in the near future.

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