Boo...Are You Scared

Boo...Are You Scared?

Chalkboard Report

This is my Halloween story. It’s one I’ve told before but for those of you that missed it, I felt it was worth repeating. Next Thursday it’s going to be Halloween and since the paper comes out on Thursday I felt I’d get my jump on the witches, warlocks, ghouls, and goblins out there.

It’s been a long time since Labor Day and we need the amusement that the Halloween season brings. It’s all about finding something scary, feeling nervous and anxious, expecting the unexpected, or waiting for the inevitable to happen. I was watching TV the other day and saw a commercial that stated, “people in horror movies make bad decisions”.

It showed four people supposedly running from a killer and deciding where they were going to hide. You know they always pick the wrong place in the movies. My mother would be screaming at the TV telling them “fool don’t hide in there”. Then when the killer gets them she’d sadly say “see I told you not to hide in there”. Even though we know it is just a movie, sometimes when watching, we hope it still scares us.


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